Review Of Wedge Bulb Size Chart References

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Wedge Bulb Size Chart. This video shows to identify a t5 glass wedge base bulb To determine a light bulb size, use the full size scale shown (calibrated in eighths).

Wedge Bulb Size Chart
Wedge Bulb Size Chart from

The t designates that the bulb is tubular in shape. The numbers mentioned after the letter ‘e’ denote the. Bulb size is different between coupe and sedan in regards to reverse lights.

Wedge Bulb Size Chart

The autolumination provides t5 wedge oem visual bulb specifications wattage amperage lumens avergae life and cross reference. Wedge bases are designated with the letter w and possibly a second letter indicating the exact type (often keyed to prevent the wrong colors from being used in automobiles), the thickness in. Fl, flh fld dyna switchback flhr road king. An e26 socket (the most common type) is 26 millimeters wide and features an edison thread interior.