List Of Vvo2Max Chart 2022

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Vvo2Max Chart. Vo 2max is a measure of a person's aerobic fitness (see more on measuring vo 2max ). Direct measurement of vo2 max requires a laboratory setting.

How ‘Trainable’ Is VO2 Max Really? A Case Study
How ‘Trainable’ Is VO2 Max Really? A Case Study from

Average values with ratings for men and women are in these charts. The respiratory mask captures and analyzes the composition of air coming in and going out of your lungs. Finish up by adding the experimental value of 30.26 ml/kg/min to the base constant value 33.3 ml/kg/min to get a vo2 max of 63.56 ml/kg/min for billy.

How ‘Trainable’ Is VO2 Max Really? A Case Study

These “good” v02 max values are simply the average of various different charts. These numbers come from the fitness registry and the importance of exercise (friend ), a national database of vo2 values. A high vo2 allows you to tolerate high intensity exercise for a long time. Here are the average “good” values based on the vo2 max charts: