Review Of Ups Zip Code Chart Ideas

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Ups Zip Code Chart. Postage rates for zoned mail are based on mail piece weight and the distance the mail piece travels using these zone assignments. Here's a free excel list i found listing every 5 digit zip code with the time zone and city/state it covers.

upsgroundmapzones from

(origination point) enter your zip code under what zip code are you mailing to? Required fields marked with zip code: You can find a list of zip codes by time zone available for free and for a fee by googling this phrase.


Quickly find one of the following ups shipping locations with service right for you: Use the get zone for zip code pair tab for all inbound apo/fpo/dpo. Package your item (for help with this, see our packaging guide ) measure your final packaged item (l x w x h inches) weigh your package (lbs) enter the dimensions, weight and destination into our ups shipping calculator compare ups shipping rates to other carriers and book your service What zip code are you mailing from?