Awasome P Chart In Minitab 2022

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P Chart In Minitab. Hide / show click to hide/show the setup pane. We take build quality very seriously at minitab and we use a p chart to track it.

How To Run A P Chart In Minitab
How To Run A P Chart In Minitab from

This video is an introduction to the p chart using minitab version 20. Home learning library school of six sigma statistical process control creating a p & np chart in minitab 18 statistical process control spc, or statistical process control, is another. When you will open the minitab 18, the main screen will appear like below.

How To Run A P Chart In Minitab

Steps of how to create control chart in minitab 18: The p chart is a control chart monitoring the percentages of defectives. You should use a c chart only when your subgroups are the same size. Next, while still in the storage tab, click on all the checkboxes in the below section except for the stage checkbox.