List Of Organ Meridian Time Chart 2022

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Organ Meridian Time Chart. In the organ clock (pictured above), the times are color coded by the five element designation for each organ/channel relationship. The chinese body clock, also known as the chinese meridian clock, is a valuable tool in traditional chinese medicine.

Organ Clock
Organ Clock from

It is called the “prime minister” and assists with controlling energy and circulating the blood. The lungs and the heart are seen to work in conjunction with blood and energy, being complementary parts of the living system. The charts also often describe other relationships a particular tooth.

Organ Clock

When this occurs, any organ system connected to the tooth’s meridian pathway can be affected in a negative way and eventually diminish your overall health and wellness. It is recommended to drink a glass of warm lemon juice to stimulate the bowels, get the lymph system moving and to remove toxins from the night’s cleansing. ↓ stomach meridian (yang) flows to the ↑ spleen meridian (yin) Chinese medicine practitioners use the organ body clock to help them determine the organ responsible for diseases.