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Morbid Obesity Chart Height Weight. Success rates are high, and you can expect to lose at least 50 percent of your excess body morbid obesity height weight chart within the first one to two years. Easy to use bmi calculators are available on various sites, where you just have to type your weight and height, and you get the bmi.

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Our chart below shows the data already calculated for you. The estimated prevalence of obesity in adults was 28% (26% in men and 31% in. If you’d prefer to stick to pounds and inches, the formula is slightly different.

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(weight in lbs x 703) ÷ (height in inches x height in inches) = bmi e.g. Height (inches) body weight (pounds). Regionwide in 2016, the estimated prevalence of overweight and obesity was 62.5% (64% in men and 61% in women), the highest among all who regions. If your bmi is over 30 you are considered obese.