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Michel Levy Chart. Michel—lévy chart (birefringence chart, interference colour chart) a chart of standard colours used in measuring birefringence. 2 eye eyepiece intermediate image plane tube lens bertrand lens plane intermediate image plane bertrand system depolarizer analyzer compensator plane objective pupil objective specimen plane

GeoClick reading the Michel Levy Color chart
GeoClick reading the Michel Levy Color chart from

An unknown cylindrical fiber, 15 pm in diameter, shows a yellow interference color corresponding to 900 nm retardation. Once the appropriate color has been located, the nearest vertical line along the interference color is followed to the nearest horizontal line representing the known thickness. Access to the complete content on oxford reference requires a subscription or purchase.

GeoClick reading the Michel Levy Color chart

The textbooks by rogers and kerr span at least four decades. Please note, scale bars are 1cm in hand specimen photographs and 1mm in thin section. 900 = 1000 (15) x birefringence birefringence = 0.06 = nylon example. N a chart relating thickness, birefringence, and retardation so that any one of these variables can be determined when the other two are known.