Review Of Indoor Humidity Levels Chart References

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Indoor Humidity Levels Chart. 72°f at 20% humidity levels. At 100% relative humidity, the total amount of water in the air is 1.23 lbs or 0.33 gallons of water.

Indoor humidity levels Sensitive Choice
Indoor humidity levels Sensitive Choice from

In summer, indoor humidity levels can comfortably reach 50% to 55%. Clearly these levels are relative to summer temperatures that can often reach 26º celsius. While you can’t change the humidity levels outside, there are a number of steps you can take to control humidity levels inside your home.

Indoor humidity levels Sensitive Choice

The south the climate is temperate and winters are mild. Here is a great reference table for winter time humidity levels from the ask jon eakes website. This overview chart shows that outdoor temperature affects the ideal indoor humidity. Namely, we will perceive 75°f temperature as: