List Of Ilford Film Processing Chart 2023

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Ilford Film Processing Chart. Continually updated, the chart has been online since 1995 and contains both manufacturer's published times and user submissions. Then follow the diagonal line up or down until it crosses the horizontal line corresponding to your chosen processing temperature.

Ilford Film Processing Chart Chemistry Nature
Ilford Film Processing Chart Chemistry Nature from

The timer should come to 12 minutes just as you finish pouring. Agitated for first 30 seconds, then 10 secs every min. As with other films that offer the same base with varying iso levels ( kodak portra films are a good example), the higher the iso number, the lower the contrast and the greater the film grain.

Ilford Film Processing Chart Chemistry Nature

Ilford processing chart @ 20 degrees c with 35mm film :: In the chart below, find the recommended development time from the row of figures alongside 20°c/68ºf; Ilford film processing chart michael hiser flickr; Nb if you are going to uprate a film and use push processing then use the whole film at the higher rating.