Cool Hcfc 123 Pressure Temperature Chart Ideas

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Hcfc 123 Pressure Temperature Chart. Molecular weight triple point temperature normal. 200 psig yields ~ 92°f (using bubble temp)

Freon™ 123 (R123) Refrigerant Freon™ Refrigerants
Freon™ 123 (R123) Refrigerant Freon™ Refrigerants from

Conclusion there you have it folks. Extra precautions and machinery room requirements must be observed (specific requirements are spelled out in ashrae standard 15, safety code for mechanical refrigeration). 304.0 119.9 115.9 123.8 325.0 124.8 121.0 128.6 348.0 129.9 126.2 133.6 349.0 130.1 126.4 133.8.

Freon™ 123 (R123) Refrigerant Freon™ Refrigerants

√ 1234yf refrigerant pressure temperature chart | r22 pressure 9 r22. Molecular weight 152.93 boiling point at one atmosphere 27.85°c (82.0°f) critical temperature 183.68°c (362.63°f) 456.83 k (822.30°r) critical pressure 3668.0 kpa (abs) (532.0 psia) critical density 550.0 kg/m3(34.34 lb/ft3) critical volume 0.00182 m3/kg. It is commonly used in low pressure centrifugal chillers in large buildings. Beyond this pressure window, you have an r22 pressure chart for the high and low side above.