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Autism Rates By Country Chart. The next countries with low autism rates, while having significantly higher rates than those 2, include. The map features a collection of studies on autism prevalence around the world.

Autism Prevalence & Cause Health Lifestyle
Autism Prevalence & Cause Health Lifestyle from

Poland has the absolute lowest rate of autism in the world, followed closely by taiwan. Qatar ( 151.20 per 10k children) united arab emirates ( 112.40 per 10k children) oman ( 107.20 per 10k children) bahrain ( 103.30 per 10k children) saudi arabia ( 100.70 per 10k children) kuwait ( 97.70 per 10k children) jordan (. This is slightly more than one in ten people globally (10.7%) mental health disorders are complex and.

Autism Prevalence & Cause Health Lifestyle

Here are the 10 countries with the highest autism rates: Autism spectrum disorders (asd) are a diverse group of conditions. The rate for asd is 1 in 34 among boys (or 2.97 percent) and 1 in 145 among girls (or 0.69 percent). Among boys and girls, autism affects more males at a rate of.