Review Of 440C Tempering Chart 2022

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440C Tempering Chart. It possesses good corrosion resistance, particularly in the hardened and tempered condition. Although the alloy has a higher carbon content, there is enough chromium content to retain the materials stainless steel characteristics.

Vacuum Heat Treatment of Fasteners
Vacuum Heat Treatment of Fasteners from

Grade 440c stainless steel is used in the following applications: Large sections or complex parts should be preheated to 1425°f, equalize, and then raised to the austenitizing temperature. Oil quenching is necessary for heavy sections.

Vacuum Heat Treatment of Fasteners

440 is an air hardening stainless tool steel 440 is characterized by high wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance 440 is used in plastic molding applications, plastic molding, cutlery, and food processing typical hemical omposition arbon 1.00% hromium 17.50% molybdenum 0.50% silicon 0.30% vanadium 0.30% manganese 0.50% Soak time of approximately 60 minutes at temper temperature. Because of the limitations of tempering between 800 and 1100f, surface treatments for 440c should be limited to those compatible with tempering temperatures under 800f. Grade 420 filler will give a high hardness weld (not as high as the 440c).