$24.00 Afternoons with June—Stories of June Wayne's Art & Life
$16.00 Rapture & the Bends—Thoughts of a Wilful Artist
$28.00 Return To The Viewer: Selected Art Reviews
$24.00 Breaking Through: Richard Bellamy & The Green Gallery 1960-1965
$26.00 Hero, Madman, Criminal, Victim: The Artist In Film & Fiction
$28.00 A Portrait Of Hans Hofmann As Painter, Teacher And Friend
$28.00 Relocations: Selected Art Essays And Interviews (Hc $36.00)
$28.00 The Unpicturelikeness of Pollock, Soutine & Others: Louis Finkelstein
$12.00 Max Ernst's Lines From A Marriage
$10.00 Beuys Is Boys: A Guide To The Pronunciation of Artists, Architects, Works of Art
$28.00 Craft and Concept: The Rematerialization of the Art Object (HC $36.00)
$10.00 Pajarita Envisions: Art Through the Eyes of Artists
$25.00 Epicenter: Essays on North American Art
$25.00 The Baroness, the Mogul & the First Guggenheim Museum
$28.00 Out of the Picture: Milton Resnick & the New York School (HC $35.00)
$21.00 High Drama: NY Cityscapes of Georgia O'Keeffe & Margaret Bourke-White
$27.00 Art & Politics in the 1930s: Americanism, Marxism, Modernism (HC $38.00)
$27.00 Gradiva's Mirror: Women, Surrealism, Art History (HC $35.00)
$26.00 The Dreaming Life Of Saint Leonora De La Cruz
$24.00 Postmodern Heretics: Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art
$20.00 Duchamp: Domestic Patterns, Covers & Threads (HC $28.00)
$22.00 Mutiny and the Mainstream: Talk that Changed Art, 1975-1990
$18.00 Camera Fiends & Kodak Girls II: Women in Photography 1855-1965
$14.90 Camera Fiends & Kodak Girls I: Women in Photography 1840-1930
$20.00 Tarnished Silver: After the Photo Boom — 1979-1989
$15.50 Beyond Walls and Wars: Art, Politics, & Multiculturalism

$22.00 Kara Walker—No/ Kara Walker—Yes/ Kara Walker—?
$28.00 Look Up: The Life and Art of Sacha Kolin
$28.00 Tranquil Power: The Art And Life of Perle Fine
$35.00 Gumbo Ya-Ya: Anthology of Contemporary African-American Women Artists
$25.00 Benedetta Cappa Marinetti: Queen of Futurism
$25.00 Almost Lost to History: Women Artists of Italian Futurism (HC $35.00)
$15.00 Modernism & Beyond: Women Artists of the Northwest
$15.95 Yesterday and Tomorrow: California Women Artists
$22.00 No Bluebonnets, No Yellow Roses: Essays on Texas Women in Art
$22.00 Pilgrims and Pioneers: New England Women in the Arts
$35.00 Women Artists of the World

$14.00 Tutti Nudi: Reflections on the Nude from the Greeks to the 21st century
$10.00 Artists and Their Cats
$ 9.25 The Little Cat Who Had No Name
$ 6.95 When Even the Cows Were Up

$24.00 The Uncertainty of Experience—An Artist's Journey
$25.00 Club Without Walls: from the Journals of Philip Pavia
$28.00 The Journals of Myron Stout
$22.00 The First Wife's Tale: A Memoir by Louise Straus-Ernst
$14.00 Howardena Pindell: The Heart of the Question — Writings & Paintings
$22.00 A Holocaust Portfolio: Drawings & Paintings by Jeanie E. Neyer
$14.00 Michelangelo and Me — Six Years in My Italian Haven by Hanna Eshel

$25.00 Valor - Filipino World War II Veterans Memorial
$22.00 Expanding Circles: Women, Art & Community

$24.00 Candid Reflections: Letters from Women Architects, 1970 and 2000
$11.50 The Lady Architects: Howe, Manning & Almy, 1893-1937

$22.00 Who Is Rolph Scarlett?
$39.95 Howardena Pindell: Atomizing Art
$39.95 Emma Amos: Action Lines
$39.95 Elizabeth Catlett: Sculpting the Truth
$39.95 Jacob Lawrence: The Glory of Expression
$39.95 Horace Pippin: There Will Be Peace
$39.95 African Art, Women, History: The Luba People of Central Africa

$14.00 More Love
$25.00 Luminations: Images by Oriole Farb Feshbach, poem by Wallace Stevens
$15.00 Rock, Vein, Sky
$15.00 What is Theatre: A Novel in Verse
$14.00 Mirror Mirror: Reflections On the Way We Look (Anthology)
$14.00 Split Verse: Poems to Heal Your Heart (Anthology)
$12.00 Solo Crossing by Meg Campbell
$12.00 Sight Lines by Charlotte Mandel
$12.00 Whirling Round the Sun by Suzanne Noguere
$12.00 Parallels: 3 Artists/ 47 Women Poets
$20.00 Illuminations by Oriole Feshbach (for W.C. Williams's "Asphodel")
$ 8.00 Voices of Women: 3 Critics/ 3 Poets/ on 3 Artists/Heroines; ed. Lucy Lippard