CANDID REFLECTIONS: Letters from Women Architects, 1970 & 2000
February 2007
Doris Cole
ISBN 978-1-877675-63-8, Illust., $24.00
In the process of researching her first book on the history of women in architecture, Doris Cole sent out an inquiry letter in 1972 to women architects throughout the country. These personal letters are transcribed, edited, and included in this book. They chronicle careers that spanned from the turn of the twentieth century through two World Wars, the Great Depression, and into the 1970s. Additionally, observations were obtained in 2004 from contemporary women in architecture in order to learn about developments over the subsequent thirty years.

The 47 illustrations included in this book are only a sampling of the projects by women in architecture from 1946 to 2006 in the United States. There are many more buildings and architects to be considered and documented by future researchers.

This book serves as a resource, a collection of personal, candid reflections. The letters are a testimony to the grit, humor, pathos, and determination of these women architects, whose goal was to be full participants in constructing a better world. Their stories can be an inspiration to all architects, of all backgrounds, who may be facing similar challenges today. It is hoped that more womenıs voices can be added to make the creation of the built environment truly representative of the values and aspirations of our entire culture.

The Lady Architects: Lois Lilley Howe, Eleanor Manning and Mary Almy, 1893-1937
Doris Cole and Karen Cord Taylor
ISBN 1-877675-01-6, Illust., $11.50
Three extraordinary architects of the early 20th century, pioneers in their field who combined new technology & traditional designs to create buildings still in use.